June 02, 2016

Here's how I "Handle" Steven Furtick's "teaching"

The following video contains idiocy, heresy, and stupidity levels above and beyond the realm of normal possibility. And cult-like adult versions of Simon Says.

So, you may be asking, "why on earth would you post this drivel?" Fair question. The problem is that for many folks, this would constitute preaching the Bible. He said some verses, man. I posted an earlier blog asking how Christians would stand in the face of a culture radically opposed to Biblical teaching. To give a negative answer, no one will stand by consuming this sort of arsenic laced cotton candy Sunday in and Sunday out. Souls are poisoned by this nonsense.

God doesn't tell you to "Handle it." He tells us to obey Him. We don't have everything we need. We have nothing. "We are beggars, this is true." The god of Steven Furtick is not the same God I worship; in part because the god of Steven Furtick is apparently too busy catering to little Stevey's every desire.

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