October 30, 2011

Warming Love

This dead feeling inside chills me to the bone 
Walking through this wilderness, my trek is made alone. 
There seems to be no one to stand by my side 
The voices in my head, do nothing but chide. 
Where are my friends who used to be 
All around, when my life had no responsibility? 
I relished that loose and carefree life 
But now circumstances, cut close bonds like a knife. 
People who were once counted on 
Are nowhere to be found, they are all gone. 
My soul is weary of these burdensome days 
Why does life so often seem like a maze? 
I wish I could find my way out 
Instead, so many days are filled with great doubt. 
But deep down in my soul I know 
That a peace from God will grow.  
Trusting in His perfect sovereignty 
I know He hears this sinners plea.  
He has pursued me when all others fail 
His grace it is violent, His love tears the veil. 
So when it seems that I walk all alone 
I can know He has cared, for my sins has atoned. 
I really deserve the separation I fear 
Yet instead of leaving, He wipes away tears. 
Indeed He has placed me, in His family 
And I know I'm secure for all eternity. 
So this dying inside, this abandonment felt 
Is not nearly as great as the grace He has dealt. 
Surely I am safe in His perfect arms 
Even this bone chilling cold, will do me no harm. 

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