December 11, 2012

A Dangerous Chase

A young man went out into the world

It was greatness that he hoped to find
But as life’s pressures ‘round him swirled
Those dreams crumbled in his mind

Dejected by the “hand life dealt”
Our friend’s thoughts did begin to waver
And because great failure he had felt
He hoped that drugs would be his savior

“Just numb it all” he told himself
As the needle slipped inside his vein
He felt he fought the world itself
For all that remained was pain

He had lost both family and health
Whilst success had been his chief endeavor
But loss of job meant loss of wealth
And he was without all earthly treasure

He passed out one night beside the road
And did not awake again on earth
Could anyone have his end foretold?
What would that warning have been worth?

The tragic end of this man’s life
Should cause each man to pause
What do I value in my life?
What has been my greatest cause?

Will I come to the end and find
That all I’ve lived for is but naught?
To what has been my heart inclined?
What sort of treasure have I sought?

You see when all is said and done
Our temporal things won’t matter
But when our chiefest treasure is the Son
We have a wealth that will not shatter

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